Act Fast!  Get 6 Sigma Certified for over 60% LESS than the average price of IASSC & ASQ

Getting your Six Sigma Certification can be expensive.  Plus, once you get the certification many providers force you to continually pay year-after-year just to be able to claim that you are still “certified”.  We can solve both of those problems…

At the Council for Six Sigma Certification, we strive to offer as much value as possible.  We offer industry-low pricing and never force you to pay additional recurring fees in the form of certification “renewals”.  Our goal is to have you invest in your own future, not to figure out ways for you to invest in ours.

Our standard exam option is the ideal choice for those that have already obtained training, either through a training provider or employer, and would like to obtain certification directly from our organization.

If you are unsure whether you will be able to pass our standard six sigma exam, we also offer a “self-study” exam series option that can be used in conjunction with our free six sigma training manual.  Once enrolled, you can have up to a year to take/retake your exams. 

Below you will find our pricing for the Standard Certification Exams for the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt Levels.

How deeply discounted is the pricing?

Check out how our discounted pricing compares to the 3 top listed certification providers in Google for Six Sigma Certification.

Choose a Different Currency:
Black Belt(USD) $450(USD) $568$229.00
Green Belt(USD) $350(USD) $469$159.00
Yellow Belt(USD) $250(USD) $422$99.00
White BeltN/AN/AFREE

Combined average savings of over 60%!!  Act fast… prices are subject to change!

Get Certified Now!


*** Offer only applied to our Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma “Standard” Examinations.


Escape Renewal Fees… Forever

Keep in mind that many of these providers, unlike CCSC, charge ongoing “renewal fees” for their certifications (in addition to their listed prices).  So if you, or someone that you know, is stuck in the never ending cycle of certification fees… now is your chance to permanently put an end to it.



Disclaimer: Information above is valid at the time of this writing (January 1, 2023).

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