IASSC* vs ASQ vs The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC)

Make sure your accreditation is being issued by the most trusted organization in the Six Sigma industry…

There is quite a bit of confusion that individuals may face when trying to understand their options for your organization’s Six Sigma accreditation.  As you can see from the chart below, it is extremely important to perform due diligence to discovery the real differences.

Our standards are well respected within the Six Sigma industry as illustrated by the organizations that have sought our approval for accreditation…

Source: Data compiled from the accredited provider listing(s) available publicly on both the IASSC and CSSC websites. ASQ data not available as they do not accredit organizations.

Comparison Chart: Overview and Options****:ASQIASSC®*CSSC
Number of Six Sigma Certification Levels Offered3316
Accreditation for Training ProvidersNoYesYes
Accreditation for Individuals (Mentors)NoYesYes
Accreditation for Internal Employee Training ProgramsNoYesYes
Free Training Material Available for Training ProvidersNoYes
In Existence for More Than a DecadeNoYes
Complete Freedom to Administer Your Own ExamsYes
Organization Accreditation Fee –$945FREE
Accreditation Renewal Fee$945FREE
Training Instructor (Mentor) Fee.$445**FREE 
**Accreditation Fee of $250 plus a recurring ATA Black Belt Certification Exam Fee of $195   
 **** Information in this comparison is valid at the time of this writing (February 28, 2019)   

Official Six Sigma Training Material Access

Our official CSSC Six Sigma Training Manuals are available for use by our accredited training providers (and their students).  As a result, our materials are continually improved by accredited training providers just like you.

By joining our collective knowledge together we continue to strengthen the six sigma community as a whole.


Exam Discounts Available

If you plan on simplifying your own training programs by utilizing our certification exams for your clients, please contact us to learn about discounted pricing that may be available to your organization.


*IASSC is a registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma LLC.