IASSC* vs ASQ vs The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC)

Make sure your certification is being issued by the most trusted organization in the Six Sigma industry…

There is quite a bit of confusion that individuals may face when trying to understand their options for your organization’s Six Sigma accreditation. Since Google rankings are so prevalent in today’s society, it is easy to confuse a website that performs better in the search rankings as being the wiser choice.  As you can see from the chart below, it is extremely important to perform due diligence to discovery the real differences.

Our standards are well respected within the Six Sigma industry as illustrated by the organizations that have sought our approval for accreditation…

Source: Data compiled from the accredited provider listing(s) available publicly on both the IASSC and CSSC websites. ASQ data not available as they do not accredit organizations.

Comparison Chart: Overview and Options***:IASSC®*ASQCSSC
Number of Six Sigma Certification levels offered3316
Flexible Online Exam OptionNo**   NoYes
Open-book examinationNoYesYes
Non-timed examination option availableNoNoYes
Exam can be retaken (3 times total) with no extra chargeNoNoYes
Optional Green Belt/Black Belt Project RequirementsNoNoYes
Certification DOES NOT expire/elapseNoNoYes
Offers free comprehensive self-study training materialsNoNoYes
In Existence for More Than a DecadeNoYesYes
Largest Industry Accreditation Provider to Universities, Government Agencies, and Organizations WorldwideNoN/AYes
Yellow Belt Exam Administration Fee(USD) $195(USD) $394$99.00
Green Belt Exam Administration Fee(USD) $295(USD) $438$159.00
Black Belt Exam Administration Fee(USD) $395(USD) $538$229.00
** IASSC®* offers online exams that require a webcam setup & are proctored. Stricter exam requirements are also in place during their exam.     
*** Information above is valid at the time of this writing (February 28, 2019), pricing information updated on June 23, 2018.   

*IASSC is a registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma LLC.