Consumer Alerts: Suspicious Six Sigma Websites

Based on a combination of reviews, feedback, direct communications, court documents, and/or public records, the following organizations and/or their owner(s) appear to have been engaged in the distribution of information that is known to be false, deceptive, and/or misleading.  We STRONGLY encourage the public to exercise due-diligence when considering any of these organizations.  

Please note that the following list is “beta” and is not actively maintained.  Therefore, it should not be considered a comprehensive list of non-accredited providers and/or non-approved providers.  Please contact us for additional information at [email protected]


USA: ( 

Global Six Sigma USA LP ( 

ISSSP: International Society of Six Sigma Professionals ( ( (



International Six Sigma Institute (


Russia: (


*IASSC is a registered trademark of the International Association for Six Sigma LLC.